In India, they believed that if someone’s cat came to your house, there would be a wedding soon or a family expansion awaited you.


Cats are considered specific animals not only because of their kindness and grace but also since the time of ancient Egypt, they are considered to radiate special energy. There is a belief that a cat protects the owner from negative energy, but what does it mean when someone else’s cat appears in front of your door or enters your house and does not want to leave?

There is a belief that if a cat has arrived in your house and does not want to go out, it may indicate that it has felt trouble approaching and that it has come to drive it away. In many nations, a cat that came to a person’s house alone brings prosperity and happiness but also protects you from negative external vibrations and toxic people.

In different cultures, there are several meanings and symbols associated with the arrival of the cat:

  1. In India, they believed that if someone’s cat came to your house, there would be a wedding soon or a family expansion was waiting for you.
  2. The person chosen by this animal as the owner can soon expect happy changes in life.
  3. An adopted kitten was thought to protect the family from adverse energy.
  4. A pregnant cat on the doorstep is both a test and a good sign. She will not come to a home where energy chaos reigns, but they are attracted to places that radiate positive energy. Her appearance on the doorstep indicates that happiness, success and well-being await you, especially if you take care of kittens (take care of or adopt someone).
  5. A cat that appears on the doorstep with kittens represents an improvement in the financial situation and abundance. In order for this sign to come true, all kittens must be placed in good hands, and you can keep one for yourself.
  6. A cat that wanders into the house of a lonely person may indicate a recent encounter with a soul mate, but also career advancement for those who have started a new business.

According to old beliefs, the color of the cat that comes has a special energetic meaning:

  1. The black cat indicates that you can expect good news in the near future, something unexpected and pleasant should happen. The misconception is that black cats are a symbol of negativity because they actually attract abundance and happiness into the home.
  2. A snow-white cat brings financial well-being, success in all things and vital energy.
  3. A red cat indicates a change of occupation or promotion. It attracts new friends and brings love, as well as protection from financial problems.
  4. The gray cat is a symbol of mutual love, and it also indicates a new relationship or strengthening of those who already exist. When it appears on the doorstep, it is considered to bring protection from people who radiate negative energy.
  5. The tricolor cat is a symbol of good mood, feeling of happiness, emotional progress and life lessons. It is believed that she should not be expelled or insulted because that indicates unfavorable situations.

If a furry beauty appears in front of your home, anoint her, feed her and share the love with her, because that way you attract positive energy and do a good deed that can multiply.

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