When you realize the true benefits that everyone gains from a smile it is surprising that more people don’t spend more of their time sharing them!

1. Our smile shows other people that we are friendly.

If a stranger approached you and gained eye contact with you and then treated you to a broad smile you will have a fairly good idea that they are being friendly and certainly mean you no harm.

By contrast, we would find it far more difficult to offer trust to the stranger that wears a scowl or unfriendly face features.

2. A smile can make people happy

When someone treats you to a smile, even a stranger, you usually smile back. For that moment you enjoy a flash of positive communication without saying a word. As you walk through a crowded area such as the main street you can do this hundreds of times in a very short period of time.

When you smile at someone who is not already smiling and they smile back you have brought a moment of happiness into their lives which, who knows, could last all day.

3. Smiling is infectious

When you spend a lot in the company of someone who smiles a lot you will soon discover that their smile starts to wear off on you. It is hard not to return a smile; most of us do it at a subliminal level without thinking.

4. Smiling can make you popular

Which type of people do you prefer? A person that has a tired and listless face. An expression that may reflect their inner thoughts of boredom and worry? Or, would you prefer someone who is always smiling and shows that they have an enthusiastic passion for life?

I think for the majority of us the choice would be obvious!

5. Smiling can help you to make new friends

In the same way, few of us would choice a miserable person for a friend. Let’s face it we all want someone who is going to be bubbly and a happy and positive.

6. A smile is usually returned

When someone smiles back at you it makes you feel good inside. You have just made a short but very positive communication and possibly the first step in the process of getting to know or making friends with someone new.

7. Smiling makes you positive and happy inside

When you smile it is hard to feel unhappy, negative or sad in any way. Smiling gives you enthusiasm and drive, it is also habit-forming.

8. A smile makes you look far more attractive

You don’t see many celebrities or media personalities that are not smiling because if you did it is fairly certain that their popularity would quickly start to drop!

9. Smiling also helps make you memorable to others

Have you noticed that smiling people are usually far more memorable than those that are not? It is a fact that you are 3 times more likely to remember the person that is smiling over the one that is wearing negative or neutral features.

10. Most importantly, smiling is good for your health

When you are smiling you find whatever you are doing far easier. It releases stress, worry, and tension that you may have built up throughout the day. Long term, developing the smiling habit will be one of the smartest things that you can do to improve most aspects of your life.

11. The effects of smiling can last for hours

Whatever problems and challenges you have in your life, smiling temporary puts them and hold. For a while, you forget the problems and become positive, and while you are in a positive state you have far more potential and power to advance and improve your life.

Lastly: Smiling is FREE!

You are never going to run short of smiles and will always have enough to go around. When you weigh up the positive points of smiling it is a no brainer decision to do far more smiling and share them with as many people as possible.

Keep smiling. 🙂

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