Thinking about your fears by saying, “I do not want” will probably lead to your fears come true. Cosmic energy is literal. She does not understand the word “I do not want to.” It gives results based on energy. The way to get what you want through the law of attraction is to learn to control your thoughts.

Negative thoughts produce as much energy as positive thoughts. So if you produce more negative energy than positive, your results will be negative. Training your mind to concentrate on a positive, not a negative is a necessary but often difficult process. People are constantly worried. It is a matter of survival, designed to help us remember and avoid life threats. But being aware of our fears and letting it control our thoughts are two different things. Converting negative fears into positive thoughts is the key.

Your thoughts

They can be your loyal servants or your evil masters. What you let them to be. You have control to make your choice. Determine in what direction your thoughts will go. You can learn to control your mind by learning by controlling your will. Learn yourself. Terms like “I am my master” can guide you in the right direction. Repetition of these or similar words and belief in them will make them real. When faced with fears and doubts, remember to “master” your thoughts to a positive energy flows. Not leaving room for negative energy.

Our subconscious process is constantly working, the law of attraction is constantly working. Many of our thoughts are unconscious, so we are not always aware of the kind of energy that these thoughts can create. Under the law of attraction, if you want something sufficient and you really believe that it is possible, it is possible to get it. But the same goes for negative thoughts. If you spend a lot of time thinking about things you do not want or fear, and believe that it’s possible to experience it, it will probably come to your life. You can not avoid unpleasant things, hoping that this will not happen.

The law of attraction

Think about what you want, because it’s already yours

Your subconscious is literary and produces negative energy as well as positive energy. It does not know about the difference. Your subconscious mind does not understand “I do not want to.” In order to truly achieve a positive benefit with the law of attraction, you need to become aware of what you have centered your attention on.

Are you focusing on what you want? Or what do you want? Do you have thoughts or beliefs that are the opposite of what you want? If you really want something, but you do not think you deserve it, those thoughts will be translated into energy, and the Universe will “feel” that you do not deserve it. Become aware of what you are spending on energy, this will allow you to change it. This will allow you to focus all your thoughts on the things you really want.

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