Healthy living, getting fit and losing weight have many of us put on the New Year’s wish list. Now is a good time to move from words to work, and prepare your body and mind for the warmer days ahead.

1. Remove all greasy foods from your home

The foods which are insight, but also the hidden supplies, all cheeses, snacks, nuts, dried meat, mayonnaise, cream cheeses…

2. Never go hungry shopping

Otherwise, many unwanted items will end up in your cart.

3. Keep water close

Arrange water bottles at every possible place in the apartment and in the workplace. Drink at least 3 liters of water daily. This will fill your stomach and, at least briefly, alleviate your hunger.

3 Blunders To Avoid on Your Weight Loss Journey

4. Don’t overestimate your daily energy needs

Many people are convinced that they need to eat large amounts of food. This may not be true unless you are a top athlete or a hard worker.

5. Avoid snacking between meals

Those who are prone to frequent snacks and snacking ‘by the way’ most often forget what they ate during the day, so consumed snacks are not counted in their daily calorie intake.

6. Discard all sweetened drinks

7. Breakfast!

Many studies have shown that people who regularly eat breakfast suffer less from overweight than others.

8. Self-body awareness

Be aware of what you eat and chew slowly. This will allow the body to send you signals when the need for food is satisfied.

9. Forget carbs

Forget about carbs after 5 in the afternoon, and here’s why: low blood sugar in the evening and night releases growth hormone, which is responsible for the balance between fat and muscle in our body. In addition, we keep our insulin levels low, creating the ideal hormonal combination for weight loss.

10. Befriend the vegetables

It will help you not to starve yourself in an effort to lose weight. Imagine a big head of broccoli, with only three cubes of chocolate next to it: both have about the same calories. It may seem that the saying “One apple a day, driving a doctor out” is a bit outdated. That’s why Dr. Christian Matthai advises “One sweat a day to drives a doctor out.”

10 Fun Ways To Exercise

Do sports regularly, and your body will be grateful for that.

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