Erotic dreams are very common … With a boss, with a friend, with the same sex? Here is what such dreams mean:


All people, at least from time to time, have erotic dreams or so-called “wet dreams”.

Often these are normal and common, in which one of the main roles, in addition to the dreamer, is his partner or sympathy. However, we sometimes happen to have an erotic dream of an indecent subject that we are ashamed of in the morning. And in fact, all these erotic dreams have a deeper psychological meaning.

It’s hard to determine what erotic dreams really mean because people aren’t comfortable talking about them. If you dream of being in bed with an inappropriate partner, then, of course, you will not post it on social networks and share with the rest of the world, so you will not have anyone to consult.

It’s true that most people have totally inappropriate sexy dreams, but don’t worry, they don’t indicate that you subconsciously want sex with that person. In most of them, the truth is the exact opposite.

Here are their most common hidden meanings:

1. You dream of being unfaithful to your partner

Many people dream of being unfaithful to their partners. This does not mean that they desire an affair or are sexually dissatisfied.

When you cheat in dreams, it usually represents some other deception or insincerity towards your partner. Also, it may mean that you want to experiment with sex. That other person in the dream is usually the personification of sexual acts that you have the desire to try, and for some reason, you cannot do it with your partner.

When you dream the other way around, that is, your partner is the one who cheats, you most likely feel insecure. You probably don’t get enough time and attention from a loved one. This dream may also indicate that you feel fear of abandonment.

2. You dream of having sex with your friend

Having erotic dreams of friends, whether they are of the same sex or not, is pretty commonplace.

This is not your subconscious saying that you are physically attracted to your friend, so there is no need for you to be uncomfortable the next day when you see him.

This kind of dream is usually admiration or envy for something your friend has. It may also be some skill or characteristic that you might want to possess on your own.

Dreams with your friend’s partner are also common. Of course, you shouldn’t admit it to your friend and feel bad about a dream you can’t control. That means you probably see some quality in that person that you or your partner would like to have.

3. You dream to have sex with a work colleague

A dream in which you have quicky after work hours with a colleague who always drinks coffee at the same time as you do not mean it’s time to start an affair with him.

Most often, this dream represents what you need from that person, and what you need is certainly not sex. This need can actually be positive or negative. Maybe this colleague is more appreciated and better organized than you, and you also want to be recognized by the rest of your business environment. Or it may be that the person is doing something that annoys you, such as singing loud during work hours and distracting you while you work.

Discover what “tickles” you with this person, handle it, and the dreams will end.

4. You having dreams of having sex with a same-sex person

Relax because this is definitely not a sign that you are a latent gay person. Many straight people have dreams like this exactly because they have nothing to do with sexual orientation.

This type of dream symbolizes the need for self-love. If you have been very critical of yourself lately or feel insecure, it is possible that these kinds of dreams may occur. It is also possible that you are ashamed of something and afraid of discovering some of your weaknesses.

You need to stop being so strict with yourself, focus on the positive traits you have, and rediscover your love for yourself.

5. You dream to have sex with a famous person

What Hollywood star is visiting your erotic dreams? While the chances are high that you are sexually attracted to that beautiful face from the small screens, the dream is not really about him/her.

The main star is you. When you make love with a famous person in dreams, it symbolizes some desire that you carry within you. You are probably not getting enough attention from dear people or, generally, you are not happy with your social life.

It is also possible that you crave money, success, and fame, rather than having sex with a famous star. That celebrity represents what you would love to have in your personal life that you will never accomplish and it usually has nothing to do with your sexual desires.

6. You dream of having sex with a stranger

Having sex with a faceless, mysterious or masked person is one of the most powerful sex dreams and some analysts think they can be full of meaning.

This dream can tell you a lot about yourself, much more than sex. If this mysterious partner is kind and loving to you, it can be a good indicator that you are developing as a person and learning to accept yourself.

Sometimes, this dream has the exact opposite meaning. You may have sex with a stranger in your sleep because you need to discover something that is hiding in you. A hidden face is actually a hidden part of you. It is time to accept yourself and release that person within you.

7. You dream of having sex with your boss

Throwing yourself into a “job” with your boss is something that is a perfectly normal dream. In fact, your boss may be one of the most common partners in erotic and even pornographic dreams. But that doesn’t mean what you think it means or what probably embarrasses you.

Even if you really feel physically attracted to the boss, that’s not what this dream is about. You see yourself in this kind of dream as an equal person with your boss. This is because you are able to see leadership skills within you, and reality does not give you the opportunity to express them.

This dream is actually a good sign. It means that you feel you are making a good impression at work. You face challenges, and you may be ready for more responsibility.

8. You have dreams of having sex with your ex

Dreaming of sexy games with your ex? You may feel guilty about this, and you may be on the verge of grabbing your phone and texting him. Do not do either.

Sex dreams with your ex speak more about your new relationship than your old one. You may be experiencing feelings similar to those you had with your ex or you may be afraid that your new relationship is not going in the same direction as your past.

If, however, you are constantly thinking about your ex in the wake state, then your dream may represent that you are hurt or have unresolved feelings. In any case, this dream indicates that you need to find a way to resolve the situation from the past so that you can move on.

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