Tips and information provided on how you can go about asking someone for a date, even if it’s your first time!

A lot of people are interested in asking out someone special but just don’t know-how. Here are some tips to help you ask someone out on a date:

1) Get past your fear of being rejected by someone you may ask out on a date. If you fear that you may be rejected by someone you ask out, then you’ll never make it to first base! You’ve got to start somewhere. So, go ahead ask the person you’re interested in on a date. Do it now!

If you get an answer of yes, that’s great! If they say no by rejecting your request, move on to your next potential date. Just because someone rejects you for a date, does not mean that the next person will! So pick your head up, and you’ll get that date with someone special that deserves you!

2) When you ask for a first date, try to avoid setting up your first date on a Friday or Saturday. These two nights are usually reserved for more serious dating. In other words, if you’re just starting out don’t start on a Friday or Saturday night until you get more serious about the person you’re dating. You might want to consider going out on a Wednesday or Thursday. These days seem to be more flexible for people during the week. Try to avoid dates on Monday’s if possible. Most people don’t care for Mondays!

3) After approaching someone for a date, be specific when asking that person out. For example, you could ask the person the following question: I’m interested in seeing a play at our local theater on either a Wednesday or Thursday would you be interested in attending? This question is able to provide the opportunity for your prospective date to have options on deciding if they want to go on the date with you and if so, they can choose the day they want to go out and other options such as meeting you at the theater, etc…

4) Consider when asking out someone for a date that you give them a sufficient amount of time for the big day to take place. You may want to schedule it a week in advance. However, you can always go with your gut feeling at the time if you think your prospective date will want to set it sooner!

5) The best way to ask a person out is in person. You have the opportunity to see the person you’re wanting to date face to face and observe their body language and facial expressions.

Using some or all of these tips to assist you in asking for a date may help you from having no dates to having them.

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